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My CV begins in 1981. After finishing high school I started working as a student- mechanic in a sewing factory with about 2000 different sewing machines. Later I studied at college whilst working, for 4 years. This was very useful, theory and practice at the same time. Following was a series of years working in various sewing factories; managing my own sewing company for 16 years- which involved selling and repairing sewing machines. In those years I had experience renovating all sorts of sewing machines, starting with straight stitch industrial, domestic and finishing with multi needle, computerised and specialised machines. Last 7 years I was working in London, in a sewing machine shop. (Reference provided). Now I started my own business.

I can help you if you have problems with:

  • Multi head embroidery machines- specialised in BARUDAN and some TAJIMA models.

  • Single head, multi needle embroidery machines- authorised to repair BROTHER PR600 and TOYOTA ESP 9000.

  • MELCO, AMAYA, SWF and HAPPY embroidery machines
  • Industrial overlockers, 3/4/5 threads- BROTHER, JUKI, SIRUBA and other models.
  • Industrial straight stitch sewing machines- BROTHER, JUKI, TOYOTA, WIMSEW etc.

  • Industrial and domestic cover stitch machines- KANSAI SPECIAL, YAMATO etc.

  • Leather walking foot sewing machines- SINGER, SEIKO, ADLER, MITSUBISHI etc.

  • Blind hem stitch machines- US, SINGER, etc.

  • Most model type domestic sewing machines- BERNINA, PFAFF, SINGER, JANOME, TOYOTA etc.

Don’t worry if you have a different model sewing machine! In principle all sewing machines are similar. They have a needle and a shuttle and I know how to adjust them.

Many people ask, is it really worth repairing an old sewing machine which may cost me ₤50 or maybe more, when in the shopping centres there are new sewing machines, which cost ₤30- ₤40 and have 3 to 25 year guarantees? Well, “old is gold”. If your sewing machine has been reliable for 20 years or more, then trust me, when fixed it will work even longer. Many of the cheap plastic sewing machines are like single use photo cameras- you stitch couple of stitches and once there are problems, you just throw it away regardless of any ‘long lasting guarantee’. Those sorts of sewing machines are made for selling, not for sewing.

Machines I do not repair are:

  • REECE buttonhole

  • Old domestic ELNA

  • Computerised panel boards

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